Sunday, January 27, 2013

Trend Wedges 2013

Latest trend is a model Shoes wedges / sandals that have a particular style that has a thick sole. Function of the thick soles wedges shoes wedges is that users can look taller like when he wears shoes, high hells. In addition to the thick soles that will minimize the effects of the high stiffness of the shoe wedges. With a foothold in all this part of the pedestal base surface becomes uneven wedges that make us tired easily and minimize the effects of disturbances or lumbar spine.

The latest trend flexible wedges make a currently popular wedges footwear pavorit women today. Latest wedges are very comfortable to wear in various events from formal and informal events. Latest wedges is perfect paired with blouses and blazers and also appropriate if combined with leggings and a T-shirt casual style.

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